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Creating homes & communities across Surrey, Sussex, Kent & South London

Our homes are thoughtfully designed to create safe, welcoming environments that promote a sense of community and quality of life. We take the greatest care and attention over each and every one of our homes to ensure the developments we produce are worthy of the Riverdale name and of the Riverdale Commitment.

About Us

The Riverdale Commitment


A Riverdale home is not just bricks and mortar, it is the foundation upon which homes and communities are constructed, shaping the landscape and providing a lasting impact on generations to come.


Our 20 years of housebuilding expertise is the cornerstone of our success ensuring precision, safety, and the realisation of architectural visions that stand the test of time.


The quality of our workmanship is not on award winning, it ensures the longevity of homes and also guarantees the satisfaction and safety of the families who live in an Riverdale Home.


Whether it’s sponsoring a rugby club or a local event, we work closely with the communities where we build; fostering positive relationships within these neighbourhoods, and ensuring harmonious, sustainable living environments.

Award Winning Homes

Our commitment to quality can demonstrated by the awards we’ve won, we are committed to continue to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming place to live long into the future.